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Maternity & Newborn Care in Miami

Choosing the hospital where you will welcome your baby into the world is an important decision, because you will want to ensure that you have a personalized, positive experience that you can share with your family. At Kendall Regional Medical Center, we understand that each family will have unique needs and backgrounds, which is why we remain flexible in our detailed care provided in state-of-the-art facilities in Miami. Read on to explore why we might be the right choice for your maternity and post-partum care.

Your Labor and Delivery

At Kendall Regional Medical Center, high-tech features are combined with warm and welcoming décor for a relaxing, family-friendly environment. Before you give birth in our Maternity Unit, you will discuss a number of details of your labor and delivery with your obstetrician, which may include a general overview of these details.

  • LDR and Post-Partum Suites – Our private labor and delivery suites and post-partum suites allow each family to have a special and unique birth experience. These newly remodeled rooms feature wireless telemetry Fetal Monitoring and Airstrip OB Remote Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring so that you have detailed attention from the nursing staff throughout the labor process.
  • Anesthesia – There are many different options for anesthesia during childbirth, which you will want to explore with the help of your obstetrician. Our Maternity Unit has complete anesthesia services available 24/7, so you will be able to follow the specifications of your birth plan.
  • Neonatology – Should the need for specialized neonatal care arise following delivery, you can rest assured that your baby will get the attention he or she needs with our Level II and III NICY services available around the clock.

Newborn Care

Once your baby is born and provided with the necessary care and cleaning, you will spend the rest of your stay together in a private post-partum suite under the supervision of our skilled maternity staff. To create a smooth transition home, we also provide the following services for new and expecting parents.

  • Lactation Counseling – In most situations, breastfeeding is best for newborn health, but it can be tricky to get started when you feed your baby for the first time. Our lactation consultant and team of counselors can provide the support you need so that your baby has a great nutritional start.
  • Baby Care Classes – Before your labor and delivery, you might take advantage of the Childbirth Education and Baby Care classes our hospital offers. Prenatal classes are free for registered patients, and they can give you the tips and guidance you need to feel comfortable bringing your baby home from the hospital.

You can get a closer look at the advantages of choosing Kendall Regional Medical Center for your prenatal and maternity care by calling (305) 223-3000 to schedule a tour of our facilities. For added convenience on the day of your delivery, you can pre-register with our hospital and get all the paperwork for your care out of the way before your big day. To find out more information click here.