Kendall Regional Medical Center
Kendall Regional Medical Center is proud to be an ever-present partner in ensuring your health and well-being.

Miami Emergency Department

Not all emergency departments are alike, in that some do not utilize the advanced technologies available to streamline care and minimize wait times. At Kendall Regional Medical Center, we are dedicated to providing emergency care as quickly as possible while utilizing state-of-the-art tools to ensure that all of our Miami area patients get the attention they need exactly when they need it. Keep reading for a look at what you can expect in our ER, which serves patients 24/7/365.

ER Procedures

There are many different levels of urgency with conditions commonly treated in the ER. Naturally, the most life-threatening of these conditions will be treated with the most immediate care, but there are procedures in place to ensure that patients with less severe ailments will still be treated promptly.

  • Triage – Triage is the first step in being admitted to the ER. A triage nurse will see you right away to assess your condition and provide any immediate care necessary for stabilization. If you are seriously ill or unstable, you will be transferred to the treatment area right away.
  • Registration – Following triage, you will need to fill out paperwork so that your insurance provider may authorize your treatment. This process will not affect your wait time, and patients will still receive stabilizing care even with a lack of insurance or inability to pay.
  • Wait times – Our hardworking and skilled ER staff will work to keep wait times as low as possible, but you may still have to spend some time in the waiting room before a bed becomes available. During this time, you will still be able to communicate with the staff and have comfortable surroundings to minimize your stress.

Specialized Pediatric Emergency Care

Not all patients have the same needs when it comes to emergency care, and this is especially true for children and teens. That’s why Kendall Regional Medical Center has a dedicated Pediatric ER, which serves about 20,000 children annually with a staff of pediatricians and pediatric nurses. There are a wide range of cases treated in our Pediatric ER, where young patients can receive care in family-friendly surroundings.

Mobile Tools

To further enhance our emergency care, we encourage patients to use mobile tools that share our wait times and allow for check-in on the way to the hospital. Our iTriage app for the iPhone or Android is the ultimate resource for emergency care in Miami, allowing patients to learn about possible causes for their symptoms, see current wait times, and check-in with our ER.

In addition to our mobile tools, Kendall Regional Medical Center offers 24/7 support and information through our Consult-A-Nurse healthcare referral line at (305) 223-3000. To find out more information click here.