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Burn Care in Miami

Most people have sustained a first or even mild second-degree burn, which are injuries that may be treated with first aid at home. When burns are more severe, they require much more specialized medical care in a hospital setting to repair the damaged layers of skin and underlying tissues while managing the significant pain of the injury. Kendall Regional Medical Center proudly offers comprehensive burn care through our Miami Burn Clinic, which delivers outpatient burn treatment with a highly-trained staff of physicians, nurses, and other hospital team members all specializing exclusively in burns and related skin injuries.

Types of Burns

There are different classifications of burn injuries, which describe the depth of the injury. Here’s a closer look at the major classifications of burns to help you understand what level of treatment they require.

  • 1 st degree – Also known as superficial burns, 1 st degree burns only affect the outermost layer of skin and generally cause only mild redness and irritation. These are the most common household burns, and they often will not require hospital treatment.
  • 2 nd degree – There are two distinct types of second degree burns: Superficial partial-thickness and deep partial-thickness. Superficial second degree burns only affect the outer layer of skin, causing blistering but minimal scarring. These burns take about 1-3 weeks to heal. Deep second degree burns affect most or all of the dermis, which is the layer beneath the surface of the skin containing many nerve endings. These burns are often very painful and take more than 3 weeks to heal, often leaving scars behind.
  • 3 rd degree – Any 3 rd degree burn is a medical emergency, since these burns penetrate well below the skin to the muscle and bone tissue underneath. The natural repair process of the skin will only produce scar tissue at this point, so skin grafting becomes necessary for treatment. With burns of this extreme severity, the cause is often scald, which can involve steam, oil, grease, chemicals, or high-voltage electricity.

Miami Burn Treatment

The Burn Clinic at Kendall Regional Medical Center is prepared to handle burns of all types with advanced skin graft treatment, which can facilitate healing of second degree burns within about 10 days. Graft procedures may use a bilaminate skin substitute, cadaver skin, or porcine skin used in a single application that will not require dressing changes, thereby minimizing the pain of recovery.

To learn more about burn injuries and ways you might prevent them, call Kendall Regional Medical Center at (305) 223-3000 and speak with one of our registered nurses 24/7. Our Burn Clinic works in collaboration with Burn Centers of Florida, Inc. to ensure the highest level of care for individuals suffering from burn injuries of any extent. To find out more information click here.