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Santa at Kendall Regional Medical Center

Santa recently visited Kendall Regional Medical Center’s pediatric unit & pediatric ER. Santa distributed gifts to all the children and visited other areas of the hospital spreading holiday cheer. 

Joining Santa were singers from the Local Area Stage Company, who sang holiday songs to the delight of all who heard them.

Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to make this special visit by Santa a reality!

Santa Local with Area Stage Company Singers

What Is Atherosclerosis? How Could it Affect Me?

Atherosclerosis is a common and potentially serious cardiovascular condition in which plaque—a material made of fats, cholesterol, calcium, and other substances—builds up in the arteries over time. Over time, this buildup can limit or completely block normal blood flow and result in a serious cardiac event.

Atherosclerosis can lead to coronary heart disease, which is the number one cause of death in American men and women. Other atherosclerosis-related health conditions include carotid artery disease, peripheral arterial disease, and chronic kidney disease. While there are various treatments available to address atherosclerosis-related disease, lifestyle changes and medication are still among the best methods of preventing cardiovascular conditions.


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Keeping Your Family Healthy During the Holidays

Between holiday scheduling and big family feasts, it can be hard enough to keep track of your own health, let alone that of your entire family. Everyone’s different schedules can make it difficult to stick to a consistent exercise routine, and the mere mention of healthy foods can incite feelings of dread. Fortunately, there are simpler ways to help the entire family enjoy their holidays happily and healthfully. Consider these family-friendly health tips from Kendall Regional Medical Center.

Mother,father and daughter doing yoga

Buy Healthy Snacks
Empty calories from fatty foods and sugary beverages add up quickly, so consider stocking up on healthful alternatives such as whole wheat wafers, fruits and vegetables, and unsalted nuts or edamame. These simple, heart-healthy snacks can provide a quick boost of energy and sate the appetite to prevent binge eating later on. You can also get creative and search online for recipes for all-natural smoothies and other healthy treats!

Practice Portion Control
It takes about 20 minutes for the stomach to communicate to the brain that it’s full, and it’s easy to pack away a lot of unnecessary food in that time frame—especially if you’re rushing to sample everything at the table. Space out your portions and take the time enjoy your food. Don’t be afraid to store leftovers for later—it will only save you the time and effort of preparing more food later on.

Get Active
Small changes like taking the stairs, parking farther away from the store, or simply playing with kids or pets are all great ways of fitting in the recommended 1 to 2 hours of full body activity into your schedule. Alternatively, consider setting up a TV, book, or game console in front of a treadmill to make indoor activities more tolerable.

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Staying Heart-Healthy During the Holidays

Aside from normal heart attack risks, the holidays pose several unique seasonal risks. Disruptions in your normal routine and cold weather can both put stress on the heart, which can aggravate pre-existing risk factors and potentially cause a heart attack. It’s important to maintain a proper diet and exercise routine, but be sure to avoid overdoing it in excessively cold weather. This brief video clip provides a few tips for staying healthy during the holiday season.

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Heart Attack Prevention During the Holiday Season

The holiday season is typically when people set aside nutritional concerns for traditional recipes and large family feasts, but the cumulative effects of an unhealthy diet can wreak havoc on your arteries. Just as it takes time to develop cardiovascular complications, it also takes time and due diligence to lower your risk for heart attacks. Fortunately, you don’t have to turn your life upside-down to stay healthy during the holidays. Just take a look at these tips from Kendall Regional Medical Center:

Family Christmas portrait

Stay Active Any Time, Anywhere
The advantages of regular exercise are cumulative, so you don’t necessarily have to stick to an iron-clad workout routine. Rather, spacing out your workouts or getting active in creative ways by can remove the common excuse that there “isn’t enough time” for it. Mini-workouts such as jumping jacks, push-ups, or squats are a simple way to raise your heart rate and burn some calories. Also keep in mind that working out doesn’t have to be boring; just take advantage of Miami’s temperate weather and enjoy regular walks or play with a pet!

Avoid Overeating
Overeating is a common trigger to that can increase the risk of a heart attack. Heart-related pain and digestion issues commonly arise during the two-hour period following an especially big meal. It’s okay to enjoy yourself periodically, but beware of overindulging especially risky foods such as holiday sweets, alcohol, and foods that are high in cholesterol and saturated fats—especially if your individual risk is higher than average.

Know the Signs of Heart Attack
Not everyone experiences a heart attack in the same way as Hollywood dramatizations; there are several different symptoms of heart attacks, including upper body pain/discomfort, vertigo, nausea, and sweating. Studies show that one-third of heart attack victims experienced no chest pain. Be aware that heart attack symptoms can be intermittent for several hours or even several days.

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