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Going Red in February [INFOGRAPHIC]

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The Benefits of H2U at Kendall Regional Medical Center

At Kendall Regional Medical Center, we’re always here to provide you top-quality, cutting-edge medical care when you need it most. But isn’t prevention even better? That is why we’re proud to offer our H2U service to Miami-Dade residents. Here is a look at what members in our H2U program get.

H2U stands for Health To You. This revolutionary program from our Miami-Dade hospital is designed to help you achieve and maintain good health for life. We provide both print and online newsletters, timely health information, a quarterly magazine, and regular events to help you learn more about staying healthy. We also have a database of interactive health tools and a health library to learn more about conditions you may be dealing with. We offer individual and couples memberships at very low annual rates.

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Start taking control of your health and join Kendall Regional Medical Center’s H2U program. Learn more about membership today by calling (305) 228-5451 to speak with a Registered Nurse.  

Assessing Your Risk of Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis can be a debilitating condition. In severe cases, a simple sneeze can lead to a broken bone. At Kendall Regional Medical Center in Miami, our cutting-edge orthopedics team can help patients who are coping with the effects of osteoporosis, but early detection is key. Understanding your osteoporosis risk factors is an important way for you and your doctor to make decisions about testing and treatments. Could you be at risk for osteoporosis? Here is a look at some common things that increase your likelihood of developing this condition.

Elbow Bone Pain

Age and Gender
Although osteoporosis can happen to anyone at any age, it is most common in women over 50. The risk goes up even more in women who are in menopause. These risk factors cannot be controlled, but they are important indicators that you should be paying attention to your bone health and that screening for osteoporosis may be necessary. Osteoporosis is often called a silent disease, because many people do not know they have it until they experience a broken bone. However, pay attention to signs like joint pain and general weakness, as these can be symptoms of the condition.

Poor Diet
Nutrition has a major impact on your risk of getting osteoporosis. Eating a diet that is low in calcium, vitamin D, fruits, and veggies can increase your chances of developing the condition. Getting too much protein, sodium, and caffeine can also increase your risk. Aim for getting plenty of low-fat dairy, fruits, and vegetables, and talk to your doctor about taking calcium and vitamin D supplements, if needed.

Inactive Lifestyle
Being sedentary can have a detrimental effect on your bone health. Keep your bones strong by being active for 30 minutes most days. If you’re already experiencing osteoporosis, talk to your doctor about safe activities that can improve your condition.

The Orthopedic and Spine Institute at Kendall Regional Medical Center is here to help with osteoporosis screening, facture care, joint replacements, and more. Come to our Miami-Dade hospital for all of your health care needs, from trauma and emergency care to surgery and medical screening tests. Call us at (305) 228-5451 to learn more about our hospital’s services. 

Treating Movement Disorders

Movement disorders, such as Parkinson’s disease and essential tremor, can significantly interfere with quality of life. Treating these conditions has often been difficult, but now, surgical procedures can help alleviate the symptoms.

In this video, you’ll hear from Dr. Pablo Acebal, a surgeon at Kendall Regional Medical Center, who performs deep brain stimulation procedures to help alleviate these symptoms. Dr. Acebal reports that patients experience significant improvement after intervention and that anyone living with a movement disorder should make an appointment with Kendall Regional Medical Center so that they can be evaluated.

At Kendall Regional Medical Center, we provide a wide range of hospital services, including orthopedic surgery and trauma care. Learn more about our Miami-Dade hospital by calling our Consult-A-Nurse healthcare referral line at (305) 228-5451.

Helpful Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

Staying healthy during pregnancy protects your baby and can even help you have an easier labor and delivery. There are lots of things you can do during your pregnancy to keep you feeling your best, from eating right to deciding on the hospital in which you will give birth. Have a safe, healthy pregnancy with these tips.

pregnant woman cooking at kitchen

Eat a Balanced Diet
When you’re pregnant, you may be eating for two, but that doesn’t mean you should double your calories. Most expectant mothers need about 300 extra calories per day to keep their babies nourished. Talk to your doctor about a good calorie target and weight gain for you. Be sure to eat a balanced diet rich in complex carbohydrates and protein, as well as plenty of fruits and vegetables. Aim to drink six to eight glasses of water per day. Drinking milk is also a great choice for your baby.

Plan the Birth
It is natural to feel a little anxious about the labor and delivery process. Take control of that anxiety by making a plan for your baby’s birth. Visit the maternity ward in the hospital where you plan to give birth. Check out the rooms and find out what services are offered. Talk to the hospital about pain management options. Having a plan will make you feel in control, so you are less stressed about the big day.

Get Adequate Rest
It’s not your imagination—you are more tired now that you’re pregnant. Don’t try to skip sleep that you feel like you need. It is OK to take breaks during the day while you’re pregnant, and if you need extra hours of sleep at night, take them. Being well-rested will boost your physical and emotional health while you’re pregnant.

If you’re pregnant, choose Kendall Regional Medical Center’s award-winning Maternity Center to bring your child into the world. Our maternity care is just one way our Miami-Dade hospital is providing the best possible care to the community. From our trauma center to our orthopedic specialists, you can trust our team. Explore all of our services by calling our Consult-A-Nurse healthcare referral line at (305) 228-5451.   

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