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Helping Your Child Recover from Burn Injuries

It’s never easy for a parent to watch a child cope with burn injuries, but help from specialists can get your child on the road to recovery. Kendall Regional Medical Center has partnered with Burn Centers of Florida, Inc. to offer families throughout our Miami community access to specialized treatment and compassionate care. During your child’s recovery, there are a few steps you can take to improve his or her comfort level.

Preventing Infections

When you’re getting ready to bring your child home from the hospital, you’ll be given detailed instructions regarding wound care and infection prevention. Wash your own hands prior to bathing your child and keep the bathtub sanitized. Bathe your child once daily with warm water and regular soap, unless otherwise instructed by the doctor. Gently pat the skin dry with a clean, soft towel.

Dressing Wounds

Apply bandages to any open wounds as directed by the physician. The doctor may instruct you to apply petroleum jelly or prescribed ointment to the wounds, followed by a light gauze dressing. If it’s difficult to remove the old dressing prior to bathing your child, you can simply soak the area to loosen the gauze.

Protecting Skin

It’s normal for healing skin to be quite itchy. Soothe your child’s healing skin by gently massaging hypoallergenic skin cream all over the affected areas. Your child may complain about sensitivity from your touch, but gentle massaging can help relieve this sensitivity over time. Your child’s healing skin will also require protection from sunlight and extremes in temperature. Apply sunscreen to your child’s skin and cover the healing area with light colored clothing to reflect the sunlight.

Wearing Pressure Garments

It’s common for children recovering from burn injuries to wear pressure garments. These garments must be worn around the clock and removed only for bathing. Dress your child in clean pressure garments after each bath. Wash the dirty garments in warm, soapy water and lay them flat to air dry. Pressure garments should not be exposed to a heat source like a clothes dryer or radiator.

From rapid evaluations to reconstructive surgery, the Burn Clinic near Miami provides a continuum of care for burn patients of all ages. Kendall Regional Medical Center brings together leading specialists in the fields of emergency care, wound care, and burn care to support optimal outcomes for our patients. You can reach a registered nurse at our hospital at (305)

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