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    What Are the Symptoms and Treatments of Anxiety Disorders?

    Last updated 6 days ago

    If you believe you may be suffering from an anxiety disorder, you can find the help you need at the behavioral health services department of your community hospital. At your local hospital, you can receive an accurate diagnosis for your particular type of anxiety disorder. For example, you might have generalized anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, or another type. Discuss your symptoms and explore your treatment options with the behavioral health expert at your community hospital.

    Psychological Symptoms

    Individuals with anxiety disorders can experience a wide range of different symptoms. For example, if you suffer from panic attacks, you’ll likely experience a sudden onset of severe symptoms such as feeling as though you are losing control and feeling panicked. Other individuals feel a constant sense of dread or apprehension throughout the day. The psychological or emotional symptoms of anxiety disorders can also include irritability, restlessness, and difficulty concentrating.

    Physical Symptoms

    Anxiety disorders often manifest in physical symptoms. For example, during a panic attack, you may feel heart palpitations and chest pain, and you may begin to hyperventilate. The physical symptoms of other anxiety disorders can be more subtle, such as general fatigue, headaches, upset stomach, dizziness, and muscle twitches. Some people report diarrhea, frequent urination, shortness of breath, and insomnia.

    Treatment Options

    At the behavioral health services department of your community hospital, you can find the help you need to restore your quality of life. Behavioral health specialists may recommend a combination of medication and behavioral therapy, or counseling. Your physician may also recommend steps to take at home, such as using relaxation techniques, exercising regularly, and getting plenty of sleep.

    The Behavioral Health Unit at Kendall Regional Medical Center in Miami-Dade offers a safe, comfortable environment for the treatment of a range of psychological health issues, including anxiety disorders. Our community hospital also provides sophisticated orthopedic surgery and a state-of-the-art trauma center. Patients and family members can learn more about behavioral health services at our community hospital by calling (305) 921-0961.

    Examining Your Options for Managing Pain During Labor

    Last updated 8 days ago

    After receiving the happy news that you are going to become a mother or that you are adding to your family, visit your community hospital to learn about your options. At a community hospital, you can register for childbirth classes and tour the delivery suites. Your childbirth classes will cover many topics, including your options for managing pain during labor. Each woman has unique needs and preferences during labor; choose the option that feels right for you with the guidance of your obstetrician.

    Local Anesthesia

    Although local anesthesia is not helpful for labor pains, your obstetrician may use it during delivery. Local anesthesia can numb the area around the vagina, which is particularly helpful if stitches are required.

    Regional Anesthesia

    Regional anesthesia is more commonly known as an epidural. With this type of anesthesia, you will remain fully awake for the birth of your little miracle. However, you will enjoy significant pain relief. For an epidural, an anesthesiologist will apply a local anesthetic to your lower back. Then, a needle is inserted into the numbed area of skin to deliver the epidural. You can expect a small catheter to stay in the area. This continues to deliver medications during your labor to keep you comfortable.

    General Anesthesia

    General anesthesia is not widely used during labor and childbirth. Although it’s safe for both mother and baby, it prevents the mother from immediately bonding with the child following delivery. It may be used in emergency circumstances; however, such as during a particularly difficult childbirth or in cases that require a cesarean section.

    Natural Pain Relief

    Many women find natural pain relief techniques helpful. You may choose to use relaxation techniques, such as controlled breathing, during the early part or throughout your entire labor. Warm compresses may also provide some relief. Many women begin with natural pain relief techniques, and then later request an epidural.

    Maternity Services at Kendall Regional Medical Center offers a warm, friendly environment for your special day. Call our Consult-A-Nurse referral line at (305) 921-0961 for more information about our hospital’s private rooms, advanced neonatal care, childbirth classes, and comprehensive anesthesia options. Families in the Miami-Dade area can also take advantage of the other services available at our community hospital, including trauma services and orthopedic care. 

    What Is Single-Site da Vinci Surgery?

    Last updated 19 days ago

    Minimally invasive surgery, an alternative to open surgery, utilizes several small incisions instead of one large incision. This offers numerous benefits to patients, including a quicker recovery time, a shorter hospital stay, less pain, and a reduced risk of complications. The introduction of the da Vinci robotic surgery system significantly improved laparoscopic surgery because it offers a high degree of precision. The surgeon controls the movements of tiny instruments via robotic arms, which minimizes the risk of surgical errors.

    Although robotic surgery is frequently used for gynecologic surgeries, it can also be used for gallbladder surgery. For this type of surgery, patients may be a candidate for Single-Site da Vinci Surgery. As the name implies, this means that only one small incision is needed for the surgery. In addition to all the health benefits offered by this system, patients can enjoy cosmetic advantages. The sole incision required is made in the navel, which means that any visible scarring is greatly limited.

    The surgeons at Kendall Regional Medical Center are proud to offer Single-Site da Vinci Surgery to our valued patients in the Miami-Dade area. If you have any questions about gallbladder surgery, orthopedic surgery, or another healthcare topic, call our hospital’s Consult-A-Nurse referral line at (305) 921-0961.

    Why Teaching Kids to Eat Healthy Matters

    Last updated 22 days ago

    Instilling good nutritional habits in children from an early age establishes a foundation for lifelong health. Children who learn to enjoy vegetables, fruits, and other healthy foods are more likely to continue to make good food choices throughout their lifetime. Along with regular exercise, these healthy food habits can help these youngsters stay within a normal weight range for their height, which may help prevent chronic diseases later in life.

    You can hear more about teaching kids healthy nutritional choices by watching this video. You’ll learn an alarming statistic that applies to children and teens, and you’ll hear of the importance of setting a good example for your kids.

    The team at Kendall Regional Medical Center looks forward to meeting your family and learning how we can help you make smart decisions for your health. Stop by our Miami-Dade hospital or call our Consult-A-Nurse referral line at (305) 921-0961 to learn more about the services available at our hospital, including orthopedic surgery.

    Exploring Conditions That Cause Lower Back Pain

    Last updated 26 days ago

    Nearly every American will experience low back pain at some point during their lifetime. For some, this medical problem is fleeting and resolves itself. Others develop chronic or recurrent low back pain that requires the help from orthopedic specialists at a community hospital. An orthopedic specialist can help you learn the underlying causes of your low back pain and explain your treatment options.

    Lifestyle Factors

    Lifestyle factors often contribute to low back pain. For example, you’re more likely to require the services of an orthopedic specialist if you are obese, lead a sedentary lifestyle, or use tobacco. Low back pain is also common during pregnancy and during times of stress. When you visit an orthopedic physician, he or she may ask you how you typically sit, stand, and lift objects. Poor posture is a significant contributor to low back pain. Your orthopedic doctor can recommend posture and movement modifications that can ease your symptoms.

    Physical Injury

    Physical injury is another common cause of low back pain. As you grow older, you may become more susceptible to back pain when you try to lift a heavy object. This is because advancing age typically lends itself to reduced muscle elasticity and poor bone strength. If you pull a muscle in your back, the area develops scar tissue as it heals. This scar tissue lacks the flexibility and strength that normal tissue has. You may be more likely to suffer recurrent back injuries.

    Nerve Compression

    Degenerative disc disease, which refers to deterioration of the intervertebral discs, is a natural part of the aging process. It increases the risk of a herniated disc, which occurs when the inner material of the disc pushes through to the exterior. This material can impinge upon nearby nerves, causing low back pain. Sometimes, this pain can extend down the leg and lead to other symptoms.

    The Orthopedic and Spine Institute at Kendall Regional Medical Center offers a continuum of care for our orthopedic patients. From diagnosis to treatment to rehabilitation, our orthopedic specialists will be there to guide you each step of the way. If you have any general questions about orthopedic surgery at our Miami-Dade hospital, call our Consult-A-Nurse referral line at (305) 921-0961.


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